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Tom Sheng’s first web page. I will improve it.


  • AdaptGuard: Defending Against Universal Attacks for Model Adaptation

    Lijun Sheng, Jian Liang, Ran He, Zilei Wang, Tieniu Tan

    International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023. [Paper] [Code]

  • ProxyMix: Proxy-based Mixup Training with Label Refinery for Source-Free Domain Adaptation

    Yuhe Ding, Lijun Sheng, Jian Liang, Aihua Zheng, Ran He

    Neural Networks (NN), 2023. [Paper] [Code]


  • Towards Realistic Unsupervised Fine-tuning with CLIP

    Jian Liang, Lijun Sheng, Zhengbo Wang, Ran He, Tieniu Tan

    Arxiv technical report, 2023. [Paper]

  • Benchmarking Test-Time Adaptation against Distribution Shifts in Image Classification

    Yongcan Yu, Lijun Sheng, Ran He, Jian Liang

    Arxiv technical report, 2023. [Paper] [Code]